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331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate

Product name:331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate
Part No.:331/16516

Category:Transmission System

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331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate

331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate fits JCB Backhoe Loader 3CX, 4CX, 5CX, 214, 215, 217            Machine Type: 214e/3CX 14′ EXCAVATOR END; 3C; 3CN-4WD; 3CX 4WD TURBO PRECISION CONTROL; 3CX 4WS PRECISION CONTROL; 3CX CONTRACTOR 4WD TURBO PRECISION CONTROL; 3CX CONTRACTOR; 3CX MANUAL; 3CX POWERSHIFT; 3CX SITEMASTER 4WD TURBO PRECISION CONTROL; 3DX SUPER BSII; 3DX LOADER; 4C 4WD TURBO PRECISION CONTROL; 4C; 4CN; 4CX; 4DX-JCB ENGINE BSII; Centremount. Advanced, Easycontrol. 2WS; Sideshift. Advanced Easycontrol. 2WS; Sideshift. Direct Control. AWS

Wheeled Loader                                                                                                                            Machine Type: TM-WASTEMASTER; TM310; TM310S; TM320 TIER 4 FINAL; TM320; TM320S T4F; TM320W T4F

Fastrac                                                                                                                                            Machine Type: 3200; 3230; 4160 TIER 4; 4190 TIER 4; 4220 TIER 4; 7170 POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSION; 7200 POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSION; 7230 POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSION; 7270 POWERSHIFT TRANSMISSION

Telescopic Handler                                                                                                                     Machine Type:526-56; 531-70 SWAY; 531-70; 533-105; 535-125 HiViZ (USA); 535-125 HiViZ; 535-125; 535-140 HiViZ; 535-140; 535-95 SWAY; 536-60DS; 536-70AG+; 540-170; 540-200 / 508-66TC; 541-70; 550-80; 560-80

331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate331/16516 JCB Clutch Plate


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